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Welcome to Tenty, your premier destination for gazebo rentals
About our company

The origin of Tenty

Tenty was established in 2021 by owners Jodi and Lea. During the COVID-19 lockdown, they faced financial challenges and sought ways to generate income.

They initially planned to sell a gazebo they had purchased for Christmas lunch. However, while researching online, Jodi discovered the concept of gazebo hire and decided to offer their gazebo for rent instead.

This decision led to the expansion of their business, as they began purchasing multiple gazebos for hire. Tenty has experienced significant growth and is thriving as a tent rental company.

Founded in 2021

500+ Rentals

Cape Town based

Meet the team

Lea Heart
Founder | Performing Artist
We could boast about our capabilities and amazing skill
sets, but we'd rather just give you shade and good music!
Jodi Ova
Founder | Music Compiler
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