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Equipment & Tool Hiring secrets nobody will tell you

We all know that any project requires key tools and equipment such as drills, concrete mixers, saws, nail guns, cranes, angle grinders, scaffolding and more... While buying new is a good option, here's why you might want to consider hiring instead:

1. Hiring/Renting is cost effective

To purchase tools and equipment is undoubtedly expensive. Hiring construction tools & equipment is risk free, inexpensive and saves you any insurance headaches.

2. Save on space!

The fact that equipment needs space for storage purposes, that stress alone can live in your head rent-free! When you hire, it goes back after use. Also, it's a smart business decision if equipment stands stationary without any return of investment, like hiring your equipment and tools.

3. Use Hire Deals to find the best in the business

There are a variety of the best tools & equipment companies that you can find in your location. It makes it easy to navigate and get deals.

4. No maintenance, baby!

When you buy expensive equipment, one of the first things you do is get insurance, right? If something malfunctions you also need it to be fixed by a pro and this not only is time consuming but costly. Hiring/renting allows you to get the job done without any hassles and stress-free.

5. Hire tools & equipment anywhere

If you bagged that huge contract in Cape Town but also in Durban at the same time (well done!), no need to pivot because you can hire the tools and equipment needed in both areas from two different companies. It's convenient, affordable and uber smart.

That's it for now on equipment & tool hire. Remember, making smart business choices can lead to successful outcomes.