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Side Hustle that can earn you R10 000 a month

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions, it has been proven that this affected the whole world. There are many negative facts that we can list but there are also positive facts, and that is what we are going focus on in this article. Many people are starting to think out of the box and the hiring industry is booming.

According to a survey conducted in South Africa, with a monthly income of more than R10 000, 43% have a secondary income and 30% of them comes from side hustles.

Food and fuel price hikes and basic cost of living makes it necessary to come up with ways to earn additional income. But don’t despair, we’re going to help with legit tips.

How do I start?

We’ve singled out a side hustle hiring business where you can invest R5 000 to kickstart an instant income. R5 000 would get you at least 5 decent gazebos. If you average hiring out all 5 gazebos only on Saturdays & Sundays at R250 per gazebo, you have made R10 000. This average is only based on the cost of hiring over weekends, you can add delivery and setup for extra income and don’t forget that you can hire out your stock during the week!

Are you ready to go all way?

Have your hiring services listed on TheHireHub for free as well as other online platforms. If you want to take your hiring business to the next level, you can sell on Hire Deals.

Yes, it is that easy! So start saving and start planning because there’s no better time to begin than now.

Keep a look out for some more side hustle and hiring tips on our latest blog section.